PUT DECOM ‘s Strategic Consulting Services to Work for Your Business Today!
Businesses require analysis, strategic planning, project management, installation and configuration, data migration, network and database design and implementation, rightsizing, Internet/Intranet connectivity and imaging solutions. These services are provided by our Professional staff. DECOM provides proven methodologies, tools and experienced consultants to apply current technologies to your business strategies. DECOM is uniquely qualified to assist your organization in strategy formulation, business process design, enterprise solutions planning, and technology and software selection in the distribution environment. DECOM’s Strategic Consulting Services include a broad range of services specifically designed to enable and sustain your business strategies.
We are a team of computer professionals with over 20 years of software, and hardware experience. This means that whenever you call with a question you will be assisted by knowledgeable and helpful technical experts.
As a company that offers both consulting services and training classes, we are uniquely positioned to provide the services you need. Besides providing a quality solution to your development problems, we strive to impart as much knowledge to you and your staff as possible. We know how to leverage existing components and development frameworks to optimize the productivity of our consultants in the time they bill for your project. Our project managers are skilled in evaluating your project plan and current status before our work starts to further optimize results
As never before, your ability to deliver technology solutions will determine whether business opportunities and competitive advantages will belong to your company or to someone else.
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Here are some services and technologies we provide for your needs:
Upgrades Installations Crystal Reports
Network Wiring Windows (PC & Server), Macintosh, & Linux OS Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems
Personalized training Microsoft Access .NET (VB, C#), HTML, CSS, PHP
Web hosting and design Messaging system Custom Software
Microsoft Office Internet Setup Point of Sale
Security consulting System Integration Disaster Recovery

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