Work Order System

Our Work Order system includes a lot of variability.  There is the capability of adding multiple user levels, each with different permissions.  This system can:

  • Create work orders, purchase orders, and requisitions.
  • Require supervisors to approve work orders before they are converted to a purchase order.
  • Assign work orders to other users.
  • Allow low-level users to see only work orders assigned to them.
  • Allow users to mark off work orders as completed.
  • And much more.

There is also a built-in emailing function that will send out email notifications whenever:

  • A work order is assigned to a particular user (sent to the assigned user).
  • A work order is marked as completed (sent to the person who assigned the work order).
  • A work order is updated with comments or questions from the assigned user (sent to the person who assigned the work order).
  • Any work order is approved by the determined amount of of supervisors (sent to particular supervisors)

Included in this system is a check writing module.  Users with the correct permissions can create and print checks for purchase orders.  They can also create deposits, create recurring payments (an advanced setting under creating a purchase order), export transaction data, etc.

Additionally, if there are concerns about specific features in the package, the code can be modified & customized to liking.

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